Women’s Day Special: Enabling Careers

The international women’s day is a great occasion to share a thought that can empower some women.

  • As we all know, some women find it difficult to get into a standard 9-6 job due to some family commitments that have a time clash. However, if they could work remotely and get time flexibility then they would do that.
  • Some times, the deterrent may not be the time but challenges with commute. The result is the same nonetheless, remote work is a great solution as that eliminates the commute and any challenges associated with it.
  • Some women have to come out of their jobs for some time period, ranging from a few months or a few years. Many of them find that they lose touch and then it is forever difficult to go back to a job. It would help if there were a low-engagement route that could help them just to stay in touch and later get back with full speed when time permits.
  • Some women need to shift places with their families frequently. This happens a lot with the families of our defence personnel or other government employees. A remote and flexible work environment could be fantastic for them to utilize their education.

Acism has created a community of freelancers who collaborate on software development remotely, enabled by tech. There are programming roles and there are non-programming roles too. One can commit to work based on their availability.

While the community is open to both men and women, we believe it will be especially helpful to the women in the above three categories.

EDIT: For details of how you can involve, visit the Acism community page.

Women’s Day Special: Enabling Careers
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