Visual Modeling of ERP Processes

This article showcases the use cases, wireframes and Xsemble flow diagrams of two business processes which are typically implemented in ERP solutions. These business processes are Procure to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C). This work is the produce of two groups of students who did their internships with Acism.

Xsemble flow diagrams contain both the control flow as well as the data flow of applications. Being accurate and explicit, they are very close to the final application, pending addition of the implementation code within the components. These flow diagrams are prepared as ready-to-use templates in case someone wants to build upon them, as that can save their time greatly.

The project documents below give the details such as the use cases considered, corresponding screen layout (wireframes) and the detailed explanation of the Xsemble flow diagrams. The complete flow diagrams are available in the form of Xsemble workspaces, and they can be opened with Xsemble. They can serve as a reference for someone learning Xsemble, and also as a readymade starting point that can save significant development time for someone who wants to develop these functionalities. If you need these diagrams, please contact

Visual Modeling of ERP Processes
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