CRM Flow Diagram

There many CRM systems – some are paid and some are even free. Then what is the utility of such a model?

The Problem

There many CRM systems – some are paid and some are even free. Then what is the utility of such a model?

CRM is arguably the single most important process for an organization. The CRM process changes from sector to sector and even from organization to organization. Therefore, it is very less likely that a ready-made CRM system works as it is for a given organization. Further, the process has to change from time to time, so the software also needs to keep pace with the needs.

For instance, a CRM system having only default email template options needs to be modified if wants to implement the WhatsApp message services. This will also need a system to save WhatsApp numbers of the leads and clients. These changes may be costly and time consuming, and at times just not feasible.

Being tied to any given CRM system may lead to CRM problems, such as the ones explained here.

The Solution

This is where a model comes into picture. An Xsemble based system is assembled out of tiny components (like Lego blocks), and hence it is infinitely extensible for an organization’s unique requirements by adding / removing / replacing components. Further, the system can be changed rapidly in response to changing requirements.

The model contains the complete flow which can be taken as the basis, saving 2 months of effort for an organization that needs their CRM. Xsemble flow diagrams contain both the control flow as well as the data flow of applications. Being accurate and explicit, they are very close to the final application, pending addition of the implementation code within the components. These flow diagrams are prepared as ready-to-use templates in case someone wants to build upon them, as that can save their time greatly.

Report Download

CRM Flow Diagram
Download Report

Click the accompanying image to download the report. It showcases the use case, screen layouts (wireframes) and Xsemble flow diagram of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is the produce a group of students who did their internships with Acism.

The complete flow diagrams are available in the form of Xsemble workspaces, and they can be opened with Xsemble. If you need them, please contact

Visual Model of a CRM
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