Our lead QA (Quality Assurance person) who handles Kommbox – Bhawna – is off for a 1 1/2 week vacation starting today. Another QA, Snehal, will be handling it in the meanwhile. Will she be able to do a good job?

We are not worried as we already know that she will.

We use Kommbox to keep the communications about Kommbox development as well. (Of course we would – wouldn’t we?) Those communications being available in a single place – neatly organized – will make it easy for Snehal to quickly understand what’s going on and where to find what she needs. She would know who is working on what and what is already accomplished. She would be able to read up the information about how we are implementing certain aspects.

In short, she will be able to have all the information she needs, easily, without any tutoring or hand-holding. She will be able to start where Bhawna left. Once Bhawna returns, she will take charge as smoothly. There will be no business disruption.

How many businesses can function smoothly as people come and go? Can yours?

Towards Achieving Zero Business Disruption

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