Audience: Java / PHP / front end programmers of various experience levels
Prerequisites: You should have a working knowledge of programming in any of the technologies supported by Xsemble. PC / laptop having development setup.
Next Course: Not announced


Components are the building blocks of software, and therefore the skill to create / implement these components is an essential skill for a programmer. Unit testing at component level is a best practice that increases the enhanceability and robustness of software, and therefore it is also desired in most scenarios.

Xsemble technology helps in this by auto-generating the starting implementation templates for both the components and their unit test cases. These templates are essentially the templates in their base language (like Java or PHP). They therefore become a great starting point to implement the components / unit test cases. What is more, these templates, along with any of their dependencies are exported out of Xsemble as test bundles. These test bundles can then be worked on by a programmer without needing Xsemble.

About the Course

The course covers working with the test bundles. It covers the practical aspects of working on the component implementations and the unit test cases. This is a completely practicals based course. The participants will be taught the relevant aspects of coding and they will also be given coding exercises.

Because of the practical nature of the course, the course also becomes a good vehicle to hone your programming skills. Especially because components are small and isolated execution units, the results of whether a code works or doesn’t become evident quickly. That gives a quick feedback and maximizes the learning of the participants.

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a well-accepted industry standard practice to create robust software applications that is used to ensure that the software adheres to the requirements. The participants will learn how to do the TDD.

Apart from that, many other best practices that are generally associated with coding will be taught to the participants.

Even on projects that do not use Xsemble, the skills of programming, unit testing and TDD that they acquire from this training will be highly useful.

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