Our technology trainings are aimed to help your team become quickly productive with technology. It is mostly about imparting the right vision and context, than spoon feeding on every small nitti-gritties (which keep changing rapidly anyway).

Following our specialization with the Xsemble technology, our featured trainings include those that help getting productive with Xsemble quickly.

Xsemble Introductory Training

Our flagship introductory Xsemble training spanning 2 half days is intended to accelerate the audience on the path to quick productivity. It is not meant to cover all the features in detail, but to help the audience grasp the basic concepts quickly and give them enough inputs to get started on their own.

The audience for this training is a mixed audience of programmers, managers and domain experts from a company. They need to have computers that run Xsemble (free trial will do). Everyone attending the introductory training together helps build a common understanding of what role everyone will be playing in Xsemble-based development within the company.

Assemblers’ Workshop

This is a hands-on fun workshop meant for the people who aspire to be Xsemble Assemblers. (The Assemblers can create and own the flow diagram in Xsemble. Programming is not needed.) Especially the managers, domain experts, software architects and QA people find it enriching to their careers.

The duration of this workshop is 4 hours. Computers are not necessary, but drawing paper, colored pencils / sketchpens are needed.

After a brief understanding of how Xsemble works, most part of the workshop is a team activity where teams work together to create the flow diagram (on paper) for an application decided by the team.