Our trainings are short and packed. They are highly practical oriented. Our technology trainings are aimed to help your team become quickly productive with technology. They focus on imparting the right vision and context, as opposed to spoon feeding on every small nitti-gritties (which keep changing rapidly anyway).

Following our specialization with the Xsemble technology, our featured trainings include those that help getting productive with Xsemble quickly.

Main Trainings

  1. Crash course on “Design Your Software”: This is our flagship offering. The course is to help the participants learn the key aspects of designing software with Xsemble.
  2. Training on Component Development: This training is useful to programmers of Java / PHP or any other language supported by Xsemble. It covers the knowledge required to develop the components individually.

Other Trainings

A few variants of these Xsemble trainings are below.

  • Software Design Workshop: This is a hands-on fun workshop to get a tuned-down version of Software design crash course. The duration of this workshop is 3 hours. Computers are not necessary, but drawing paper, colored pencils / sketchpens are needed. After a brief understanding of how Xsemble works, most part of the workshop is a team activity where teams work together to create the flow diagram (on paper) for an application decided by the team.
  • Workshop for Xsemble Managers: This is a 2 hours interactive workshop for Project Managers / Product Managers. It builds on their Project Management skills and teaches them how to use the special features of Xsemble for doing better management — specially in areas such as project planning, resource planning, project tracking, risk management and traceability.

Apart from Xsemble trainings, we have done technology and management trainings.

  • We have taken trainings on Java and Kotlin programming languages.
  • We are collaborating with a career management company a provide a crash course on technology essentials for managers.
  • Seminars specifically on how to achieve project success were taken on behalf of various groups, especially during the Covid pandemic.