Our trainings are short and packed. They are highly practical oriented. Our technology trainings are aimed to help your team become quickly productive with technology. They focus on imparting the right vision and context, as opposed to spoon feeding on every small nitti-gritties (which keep changing rapidly anyway).

Following our specialization with the Xsemble technology, our featured trainings include those that help getting productive with Xsemble quickly.

Xsemble Crash Course

Xsemble crash course is a new and popular offering.

Audience: Startups/ domain experts from any field

Prerequisites: None. But it will help if you have a cloud based application to build in mind.

Introduction: Xsemble technology opens up new possibilities whereby people without any coding background will be able to design a software, in terms of interconnected small components. They can iterate over this design to better suit their needs.

This design is quite close to the actual working software, pending development of these components. This mode of working cuts down the overall programming effort and training effort by a good margin, while also establishing you firmly as someone who understands working of the product at the core. This understanding further opens up possibilities of how the product could be enhanced further over its life.

The course assumes no formal background in software, so it will cover requirement capture tools before the design.

Duration: Total 8 hours of interaction. 4 sessions of 2 hours each, conducted remotely.

Nature: The sessions will cover the background material. There will be homework to practice the exercises, and you are encouraged to work on your idea as the homework. Any queries will be covered in the next session.

Xsemble Test Bundle Development Training

This is a training for programmers, specifically Java programmers. Individual component implementations can be exported out of Xsemble in the form of test bundles, and then handed over to programmers for development, unit testing or both. While experienced programmers who have used unit testing find it easy to learn the concepts from the test bundle user guide, junior programmers need help in getting started. That’s what the course covers.

So far we have done these trainings in single 4 hour sessions. While a single session is good for logistics, we feel that it is better done over a span of two days with 2 hr sessions, so that the developers will get some time to read up and practise between the sessions.

Other Trainings

A few variants of these Xsemble trainings are also possible.

  • One of them is a hands-on fun workshop to get a tuned-down version of Xsemble crash course. The duration of this workshop is 2 hours. Computers are not necessary, but drawing paper, colored pencils / sketchpens are needed. After a brief understanding of how Xsemble works, most part of the workshop is a team activity where teams work together to create the flow diagram (on paper) for an application decided by the team.
  • Other variants could be Xsemble training meant for specific roles, such as Project Managers. The management related and design validation related features of Xsemble would be stressed in such a training.

Apart from Xsemble trainings, we have done technology and management trainings.

  • We have taken trainings on Java and Kotlin programming languages.
  • Seminars specifically on how to achieve project success were taken on behalf of various groups, especially during the Covid pandemic.