We have been doing custom software development for over a decade. We have developed software for various domains such as healthcare, real estate, education, fintech, HR and others. Our approach is domain-neutral, which means that it works across domains, with the domain expertise coming from the customer.

Our real value add is in bridging the gap between the business vision, the domain expertise and the software development expertise. We realize that it is pointless to load the programmers with the intricacies of the world and hinging the project success to how well they understand those. Instead, we leverage technologies, tools and processes that facilitate communication and transparency.

Our specialization in Xsemble helps us in delivering on these aspects. We also leverage Kommbox for keeping all the project communication in one place.

Typical Project Execution

Here are 10 points on what you can expect when you outsource your software development to us.

  1. The approach that we would take is well-explained to you in the beginning.
  2. You are never in the dark. Expectation setting is done from time to time.
  3. Risks are identified and worked upon. Usually, risks are dealt with upfront.
  4. Regular communication is maintained.
  5. During execution, iterative development is followed. You can see the progress primarily through incremental releases which build on top of one another.
  6. Our approach is scalable beyond our team. So we can engage people from outside our company where it helps the project. This helps the project not get limited by what our team can know.
  7. We appreciate a two-way trust based relationship and strive to develop one. We behave professionally, and we expect that you behave professionally too.
  8. Any issues are dealt with amicably and quickly. We tend to go for a win-win approach.
  9. We do not compete on price; we compete on value for money.
  10. We tend to consider ourselves on the same side of the table as the customers, and offer to help beyond the agreed project scope.