Acism’s trainings and consultancy offerings display our collaborative approach through which we see the world. While outsourcing development works if a customer does not have their own team and does not want to get into the nitti-gritties of development; the training and consultancy offerings work for customers who already have a team / bandwidth and need help in getting the best out of them.

We provide technical consultancy and/or management consultancy to help a project team do software development more efficiently. In other words, the consultancy is about engaging with the team to help them deliver better value.

Often, we are engaged when the projects are already deep into problems. We have several case studies where troubled projects were successfully turned around. However, inculcating the right kind of discipline from the beginning would have been a lot more effective in terms of time and money. The few projects where this was done ran smoothly.

Because every project and every situation is unique, the exact nature of consultancy service differs from situation to situation. The general approach is to find a bottleneck, solve it, and then iterate over to find the next bottleneck. While there is no generic formula that will apply to every situation, some special areas where we are considered strong include: