Acism offers consultancy services to contribute in situations where we do not have the complete ownership of the project. Typically there is another project team, and we have to work with them. Typically, the expectation from us is to help navigate the team towards success.

Some times, there is a pre-existing engagement with some felt issues. Our mandate starts from diagnosing the root cause. Thus, it starts from being exploratory in nature and the scope is open ended.

Some other times, the need is to chalk out the project strategy and the team from the beginning, for better resource efficiency or for stringent conditions.

As each situation is unique, the exact nature of consultancy service differs from situation to situation. Acism works in the best interest of our project, and keeps the client management informed.

The general approach is to find a bottleneck, solve it, and then iterate over to find the next bottleneck. While there is no generic formula that will apply to every situation, some special areas where we are considered strong include: