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The short internships of MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) students are coming to a close. Acism thanks all the interns who worked with us and strived to make it a success. Acism also officially thanks MIT-WPU and in particular the Head of Department Dr Ashish Kulkarni from MIT School of Management, for trusting us with their students. The internships ran during the Covid pandemic outbreak. They ran completely remotely, with zero face-to-face interaction.

The Content of Internships

Some of them worked on the design of the system through creating visual model (design aspects), some others have worked on component implementation (development aspect), and some others have worked on migrating an existing application to new version (maintenance aspect). Thus, between themselves, the internships have covered a good span of processes in the life of a software.

The output of the internships is some IP and a few case studies and a research paper where contributing students will be acknowledged. The students have thanked us for the learning they have received, which has now resulted into confidence. Some of them have expressed themselves on social media. Many of them want to keep working with #Xsemble even beyond the internships, which is a great sign.

Names of the Students

For the records, here are the names of the MIT WPU interns who were accepted for these internships, in alphabetical order. (The mention of names here is intended to help the students as a reference when they claim doing these internships.) As of this writing, some of them have already completed all their internship work, while a few others are looking to complete it in a few days.

  1. Akash Anil Doijode
  2. Anitha Susan Alex
  3. Ayushi Bhadoriya
  4. Chirangi Sukhadiya
  5. Dhruv Desai
  6. Falguni Velhal
  7. Jugal Mehra
  8. Juhi Dudhwala
  9. Ketki Shimpi
  10. Mohit Malviya
  11. Pradumna Kanitkar
  12. Priyanka Mistri
  13. Ruchi Ahuja
  14. Samiksha Karmore
  15. Shraddha Pareta
  16. Sneha Roy
  17. Sneha Wandre
  18. Vaibhavi Kijabile

With the exposure they got during these internships, Acism is confident that they will do well in their careers.

Remote Internships of MIT-WPU Students, July 2020

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