Xsemble – Make software like cars!

Xsemble is a component technology that lets you create tiny components and connect them visually. You can create as large and as complex applications as you like in this way, without increasing coding complexity. The components are independent of one another and their surrounding. Therefore they are highly reusable, within the same application and across application.

The visual model that depicts how the components are interconnected looks a lot like a flowchart. It is called X-flowchart. Importantly, it stays up-to-date throughout the life of the software. It therefore serves as a reliable visual reference to the internal working of the software.

  • No Runtime Dependency: Xsemble delivers the complete source code of the resultant application. This codebase can be treated like a codebase created by hand, for further testing or DevOps process. There is no runtime dependency on Xsemble.
  • No Vendor Lock-in: You can take the source code and run with it like a usual hand-written source code at any point of time, in case you want to stop using Xsemble. You are not stuck and your investment in your code is protected.
  • Flexibility: The tools / technologies that are commonly used by programmers, can be used in Xsemble projects too, with a very few exceptions. For instance, you could use a UI framework of your choice (such as ReactJS, AngularJS), or a database of your choice (such as MySql, MongoDB). Within a component code, programmers use the usual programming constructs. They can use their favourite IDE as well.
  • Novelty: The Xsemble technology has received a US patent grant.

For more about Xsemble, visit https://xsemble.com.

Acism specializes in the use of Xsemble for benefiting an engagement. We are a reseller of Xsemble, and provide services based on Xsemble.