Xsemble enables making software the way cars are made.

Through visual programming and modularization, Xsemble delivers advantages such as:

  • 40% effort saving in development
  • 80% effort saving in maintenance
  • improved visibility and manageability
  • reduced rework and risk
  • lower learning curve of programmers
  • higher maintainability and longer shelf life.

For more about Xsemble, visit https://xsemble.com.

Acism specializes in the use of Xsemble for benefiting an engagement. We are a reseller of Xsemble, and provide services based on Xsemble.

Development / Migration:
We take up new software development using Xsemble or migration of legacy software to Xsemble.

Xsemble training for programmers, managers and domain experts.

We help other companies in using Xsemble, where development / migration is not our responsibility.

IT Education:
100% practical based student education through component development.