Kommbox is an opinionated work collaboration tool. It offers a single place to store the communication around a context to the entire team. It delivers business intelligence from the communications. Kommbox is used to boost work efficiency, manageability and collaboration.

Smart managers are used to taking a walk down the corridor to feel the pulse of how the work is happening. Today’s work environments –especially the shift to remote working and hybrid models– do not offer that opportunity. Kommbox gives you the visual tools to understand the key parameters, even those which would otherwise stay hidden in the juggernaut of the day-to-day work.

To get started with one month free trial today, go to https://app.kommbox.com.


Kommbox offers a pay-as-you-go payment model beyond the one month free trial:

  • INR 500 / USD 10 per month per block (taxes extra)
  • One block is either 10 users or 500 MB disk space
  • All payments are in advance
  • Discount of 5% applicable on quarterly payments, and discount of 10% applicable on yearly payment

Here are the premium features which are available only with a paid account.

  • Branding logo – Your company logo is displayed on your account pages.
  • Private Messages – The messages which are conditionally accessible based on user’s role or the user being internal / external.
  • Bulk Task Upload – Upload from a spreadsheet. Typically useful where similar tasks need to be created repetitively.
  • Recurring Tasks – Task may be set as recurring, so new tasks get created at the set frequency.

Contact us at sales@acism.com if your organization has larger needs, and need a custom plan. Feel free to refer us to other businesses who you think could benefit through better work organization.

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