This festive season, we are very glad to come out with Kommbox release 1.7.1. While the core remains the same, there are significant enhancements in the User Interface, User experience, Security and Invitation workflow areas, as highlighted below. Apart from those, there are numerous bug fixes that have gone into release 1.7.1.

User Interface and User Experience

With this release, we have moved to a trendier user interface. The user experience has been enhanced in multiple places. Every single page of the application has changed and a lot of effort has gone into it. We hope that out users like the changes.


Our application has never been hacked so far. However, we have tightened the security without waiting for it to happen. In particular, we have guarded the application against attacks such as SQL injection, session stealing, URL forgery and cross-scripting attacks. The passwords in the database are stored in an encrypted fashion, using a strong modern encryption algorithm. The login page is always served through SSL, so that the login information that theĀ  user submits is secure while it is transmitted across the various nodes on the internet. (Accounts with extra SSL security enabled enjoy this facility for all the pages.)

Invitation Workflow

We have added an unverified status to the users. A user newly added to an account remains in this state till she accepts the invitation by clicking the invitation link in the email sent to her. The usual Kommbox alerts do not go to an unverified user. After verification, the user can set her notification settings to her liking and control exactly which emails she receives, as before.

When the invitation link is clicked, the user needs to come to the application and set her password. This ensures that the user can set a password that she can remember.

‘Forgot password’ functionality also makes use of similar workflow. The user whose password is forgotten comes to a reset password page and can give a password that she can remember.

Kommbox Release 1.7 – a Big Release is out!

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