April 2015 Update: The limited time offer has expired. A new pricing structure is now in place.

We, the Kommbox Team, keep pursuing ways to make the Kommbox offering better. This is a continuous process and involves experimentation.

As a part of this experimentation, we have just slashed the prices of all our plans. The new prices are now up on the Plans and Pricing page. We are going to hold these prices to these levels in the month of February 2015 –and maybe March if we like the results, but there is no guarantee that they will be the same beyond that.

Kommbox offers a sustainable organization-wide improvement in productivity and accountability through improving the communication process. In case you were thinking of exploring it, then there is no better time than this month, when the prices are probably at an all-time-low.

One may pay for any number of months in advance, and that will be treated against the prevailing prices.

As before, if you just want to explore Kommbox before you pay anything, start with our FREE account. Once you are happy with the exploration then you can either upgrade to the Silver account by paying us the plan charges, or get a new Enterprise account created for your organization.

Feb 2015 Limited Time Offer: Prices Slashed to All Time Low

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