DisasterTime and again, disasters strike. When that happens, citizens rise to send help. Kudos to those who do that.

In a crisis situation, help is always too little, too late. Managing whatever help you get efficiently is very important. For example, In the aftermath of the Killari earthquake, as many as 21 stoves were distributed per house in the Killari village; but villages equally affected which were just 5 kms away did not receive much aid. Situations such as this are not uncommon. They are nobody’s fault, but arise due to disaster management challenges.

Two school-girls have created a game that could be used by an NGO to assess the effectiveness of managing help to disaster affected areas. The game can also be used by others to get an appreciation of the challenges and the quick thinking that is needed. In the game, you get notified about where help is needed and about the availability of help (funds, people or material). You are expected to send the help to the disaster affected villages quick, and your score is basically the number of lives you are able to save.

One can have various volunteers tested against the same script and assess their ability to take the right decisions quickly, so as to be able to save maximum number of people.

This game was written for a programming competition, but its purpose will be best served if it can be used in real life to do some social good. The intent is purely altruistic and non-commercial. If anyone knows an NGO that works in the disaster management area, please write a comment below.

Computer Game for Disaster Management
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One thought on “Computer Game for Disaster Management

  • June 3, 2015 at 6:56 am

    This is an amazing idea. It show how creative we are. I would like to see how the game works.


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