Acism nurtures an active community to support our crowdsourced software development services. The members of the community collaborate on software development remotely. This model is better suited to the “new normal” post Corona pandemic, as opposed to the traditional model where teams have to be co-located in a space and need many touch points throughout the day.

The various activities in the software development process are captured in the following process flow diagram (courtesy: 10Xofy whitepaper). As one can see, it has some activities borrowed from the conventional process, and some other activities that are related to Xsemble. The latter ones replace those parts of the conventional process that require dealing with a large code-base and the lack of visibility associated with the difficulty of the same.

Enhanced Software Process Flow Diagram

Here is how the community operates:

  • Community members meet once a week. In addition to the members, guests invited by members could also be attending these meets. They discuss project opportunities, and volunteer to work on one or more activities based on their skills, interests and availability.
  • The Project Manager (PM) designated to the project chooses the team and assumes overall responsibility of the project.
  • The PM chooses other members to work on various activities of the project. Some activities may have more than one Individual Contributors (IC) assigned to them. For instance, the UI component development and the business component development activities are programming activities, and these components may be assigned to different programmers who are willing to take those up.
  • As the project progresses, the PM schedules the activities, tracks progress and has the end responsibility of accepting / not accepting the delivered output. The monetary value of a work is a priori decided with the PM, which avoids heartburns or painful negotiations later.
  • The client makes payment Acism, and Acism in turn pays the contributors.

There is no membership fee. But members are expected to be regular attendees and contribute to the community in terms of projects and/or good quality guests. The guests may be able to join as members based on certain criteria.

Community Member Benefits

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn remotely, then you can do that by bringing projects to the community or by working on the projects. The community meets give the members a great platform to be chosen to contribute to the projects.

  1. All benefits of remote working such as zero commute, safety, saved time and saved money. You can work from anywhere as long as you carry your laptop and have connectivity.
  2. There is complete flexibility in terms of time. When you work is up to you. You could attend to some errands during the afternoon and work during the night. As long as you are delivering within committed time and with high quality, there are no questions asked.
  3. Number of actual hours put in is irrelevant. The same work takes different amount of time depending on one’s level of skill. The value of the work is known upfront, so there is no need for later negotiations or heartburn.

Our society contains many people who cannot work in a standard 9-6 job due to certain time constraints. It is common that the careers of many ladies get halted when they get married, as their duties towards their household come in the way. The flexibility inbuilt into our model can enable them to keep working. Even to those who do not have those kind of commitments, the same flexibility can help you keep time aside for your yoga workout or piano lessons.

Further, note that members can be individuals or companies. Thus, companies who have resources on bench can benefit using this model. They can seek work and get it done from these bench resources. The payment against that work goes to the company.

How to Join the Community

Attending a community meet as a guest is the best way to get started. To get invited, please fill this online form.

Join the telegram channel for the community: