Will attrition impact YOUR company in 2022?

82% professionals are considering a job change in 2022, according to the latest LinkedIn survey, as India TV reports. The high attrition is already here, as measured by some of the largest Indian IT companies. From halfway across the globe, warning bells are sounding off that the great resignation is already impacting and will probably worsen post January (reference 1, reference 2).

In case you did not think the high #attrition / #greatresignation problem is going to hurt your company, you are behaving like the cat who closes its eyes while drinking milk in the hope that no one notices it.

Many companies tried throwing money at the problem in order to get good talent. While that effected in shutting down some small companies, has it really solved the problem for those who threw the money? The answer is a “No”. This is because, in the changed world, companies are not able to retain the people they recruited.

It remains to be seen how much, but the impact of this situation on the companies’ ability to deliver will come out soon. As people involved with software development know, replacing a team member is difficult. It is normal that a new joinee takes 3-6 months before they can be considered productive. These norms apply when one or two new recruits join an existing team where there are other teammates to show the ropes to the new recruits. What will happen when almost the whole team is new, and they too cannot be trusted to stay there for long?

If your delivery fails, you lose not just the business but also your face. The threat is for real. Clearly, a super HR strategy alone is not going to work any more. What will you do to combat the situation?

We can help, with our unique approach based on a new technology. Simply speaking, it breaks the work into very small, manageable pieces; so that the time to productivity for new joinees is small; and the impact of attrition is significantly lowered. Contact us for a discussion to know exactly how it could be implemented in your company.

Will Attrition Impact YOUR COMPANY in 2022?
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