After Atos and Ferrari, Now Polaris Declares War Against Email

It is not a secret anymore… email takes away a lot of productive time from your workforce and its model of information management no longer works for the companies.

After Atos and Ferrari, recently Polaris has declared war against email. The reasons are pretty much the same. Interestingly, all these companies have turned to enterprise social technology as the solution and created their own implementations.

This leads us to three important questions:

  1. Is it only a large corporate phenomenon? In other words, are only the large companies affected by the email challenges?
  2. Does every company need to build its own software to overcome the email challenges?
  3. Is email dying, or if it’s not already dead?

Here are our answers to these questions:

  1. Email is everywhere, and every company faces the challenges that are inherent in using it. On an average, 2.5 hours out of 8 working hours of an executive are spent in email. The losses in productivity, revenue or opportunity may vary proportionately from company to company, but it is enough to dent the top and bottom lines.
  2. There is no need for every company to build its own software to overcome the email challenges. We use standard tools for most of our work such as document creation, spreadsheet computations, accounting. There is no reason why one cannot use a generic tool such as Kommbox for an organization’s communication management.
  3. Email has its own challenges; but given its large volume, it is a very tall order to pronounce email dead. By corollary, even if your company starts using some other way for communication, you still have to shake hands with email when it comes to external communication for foreseeable future. For this reason, Kommbox does not try to replace email, but coexists with it.

We are open to a healthy discussion on these topics. Kindly add your comments below.

After Atos and Ferrari, Now Polaris Declares War Against Email

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