Acism brings technology and process value differentiators to software development. The name Acism is coined as Ace + ism, and we strive to be true to its name — to deliver Ace experience. In a world where 70-75% software development projects are known to fail, we have an impressive track record of successfully turning projects around in a very short time.

Specifically, this is how we look at the 3 pillars of development:

  1. Technology: By adopting the “Xsemble” approach of visual assembly of software from small distributed components — resulting in high transparency, lower rework and high maintainability.
  2. Process: By stressing on explicit and frequent communications by means of “Kommbox”, our specially developed tool for this purpose.
  3. People: By creating an atmosphere that fosters learning, creativity and performance; and by adopting an open model to development.

We are open to collaborate with other companies in either way — engaging them on our projects or working with them on theirs. We believe in win-win collaborative model of achieving success together.