The name Acism stands for a quest to deliver Ace quality work. We are a software development company with a difference.

Technology can be used not just for staying competitive, but for creating an unfair advantage by tilting the level playing field. The projects that we love are the ones which attempt something different from the usual.

Communication can make or break a project. We invested in creating a project communication tool, which can give the project status at a glance.

Today no single company can claim to possess all required technical expertise inhouse. We use an inclusive technology for developing software that helps us leverage external freelancers / companies part-wise as appropriate. The technology also helps us to handle much larger projects than what our small team could handle in isolation.

Acism was formed in 2001 and has been active since 2005. We have worked with customers from three continents. In 2019, we have upgraded our board of directors to induct more experience.