Wrath of the Javascriptians

Javascript soldier

The latest attack on tech-earth is from planet Javascript. Like many of their predecessors such as Java, C — these Javascriptians also have set their agenda to rule the entire world — everything from the browsers to servers to mobile apps to desktops and any other devices inbetween. Not long ago, Javascript was recognised as […]

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Technology Roundup – Programming Languages

At Acism, we often found new joinees lacking a good perspective on the software technology. The software technology was shaped not only through genius minds at work but also through business interests. For students and professionals aspiring to work in the technology area, it is crucial to understand this phenomena. This understanding enables them to […]

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Why Java is (Still) Very Relevant

The Java coffee is still hot.

Every now and then new articles come up about how some other shiny language does the job better than Java. It is possible for one to be blinded by them and discard Java as a yesteryear’s technology. This article shows why Java is still highly relevant and a strong candidate for developing new enterprise applications […]

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Computer Game for Disaster Management

Time and again, disasters strike. When that happens, citizens rise to send help. Kudos to those who do that. In a crisis situation, help is always too little, too late. Managing whatever help you get efficiently is very important. For example, In the aftermath of the Killari earthquake, as many as 21 stoves were distributed […]

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For Startups Looking for Technical Co-Founders

On almost every public discussion board concerned with technology, one sees these posts from startups who are looking for technology partners. Why do they do that? Is it because they want their product to be built and do not have the adequate capital to get it developed? My understanding is that most of the times […]

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