Outsourced Product Development

Acism’s core strength has been in doing Outsourced Product Development (OPD). We offer ongoing maintenance services for the products we develop.

We have successfully developed software for various domains such as healthcare, real estate, education, fintech, HR and others. Yet, we find that our value add is not domain specific, and it can work equally well across domains.

Our real value add is in bridging the gap between the business vision, the domain expertise and the software development expertise. Instead of loading the programmers with the intricacies of the world and hinging the project success to how well they understand everything, we leverage technologies, tools and processes that bridge the facilitate communication and transparency. Here is how:

While Acism is open to using other technologies and tools, most of the work we do lately is on the Xsemble platform where we have unique expertise, with Kommbox being used for collaboration. Here is how the communication and transparency aspects are handled in the Xsemble and Kommbox world:

  • We use Xsemble for project work. The Xsemble flow diagram is an accurate and explicit visual representation of exactly how a software functions, throughout the life of the software. This flow diagram is therefore a great means of providing transparency into the working of the project, even to the non programming stakeholders.
  • We use Kommbox to keep track of project information and communication. Kommbox is an organized store, so that all concerned parties are always on the same page as far as decisions and work progress are concerned. Kommbox provides some great reports which cater even to the needs of the busy ones.
  • We preach and practise the agile development approach of quick iterations. The incremental product is available to test to the stakeholders after every iteration.

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If you have a project requirement, write to us on contact@acism.com.