IT Education Through Practicals

Learning is the fundamental purpose of education. Most of the engineering education is too focused on theory, with little focus on practical implementation. We bridge the gap.

Why Practical Approach:

  • It is more interesting to learn through a Practical approach. Knowledge gained through Practical approach is retained in mind for long duration.
  • Because it is interesting, it is easy to understand.
  • Because it is easy to understand, it aids in understanding theory too.
  • Because of improved understanding, the individual is recognized as more knowledgible.
  • The recognition reflects more confidence.
  • The knowledge and confidence together improve the job prospects.
  • They also open doors for earning even without getting into a job.

How we do it:
The Xsemble components are small units of code which can be handled independently of one another. Therefore, they become small deliverables themselves. They can therefore be used as small educational packets which provide the context for practical learning.

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