Kommbox 2.4: End of Free Plan and FS Quota Utilization

Kommbox is set out on an exciting path. The release 2.4 which is coming out on the first day of May 2016 is a small part of it.

End of FREE Plan

From May 2016, we are discontinuing the perpetual free plan. The existing customers who are on our free plan do not get affected may continue to use it as per the older terms, but new signups will result in an account with 2 months of free trial.

Functionality Updates

The major part of 2.4 is to empower the account admin to check the file system utilization of their account and to take corrective action. This is address the account holders’ concern of what they can do when their account runs out of the disk space.

From the ‘My Account’ view, where it gives the Disk space occupied, it has been turned into a clickable link (only for the account admin). When it is clicked, a brand new “File System Utilization” page opens up. This page gives details into how your account is consuming the file system. Each bar on the graph links to the Kommbox’s attachment page, so that they can be reviewed and removed (if needed).

The page also features a “Clean up” link which removes any unreferenced files (that are unnecessarily taking up disk space) for your account. Presently this utility cleans up the attachments and inline attachments only, but those are the majority blockers anyways.

Other changes include:

  1. Kommbox page “Add Task” and “Add Discussions” now only links instead of buttons
  2. Changes to the discussion snippet and attachment snippet
  3. Corrected the link in disk space reminder job
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