Kommbox 2.3: Summary tasks, Time-bound tasks and Close Incomplete

Kommbox version 2.3 is now released. It sports a few major enhancements in the task functionality, which will make work management easier for our users.

Summary Tasks

As the number of tasks under a Kommbox grows, one needs a way of grouping of related tasks. This is best accomplished by summary tasks, which are now supported under Kommbox. A summary can have any number of other tasks as children, which could be summary tasks themselves. A summary task itself is not an actionable, but it will have its status, start/end dates and progress rolled up from its children.

Task list page

The ‘Create Task’ page now has a checkbox for creating a summary task. It also has a dropdown to select the parent task (which is another summary task within the same kommbox).

The task list page now shows the top level tasks. A summary task can be expanded to see the child tasks under it.

Close Incomplete

Some times, tasks get irrelevant before they are completed. An example could be a task about preparing for an event, which becomes irrelevant beyond the event date, irrespective of whether it was completed. Other examples are daily sales calls or the sprint in agile software development. Irrespective of whether the calls target is met or the planned functionality is developed, the task would need to get closed.

Kommbox now supports closing a task without it being complete. In other words, the task closure is disassociated from the % progress. The end status is now called ‘Closed’ instead of ‘Completed’.

Time bound Tasks to Close Automatically

For time bound tasks, at the time of creating the task, you can select “Close automatically on due date”. The task will then be automatically closed on the due date.

All the recurring tasks are always time bound, and they are always closed on their due date. This is applicable to existing recurring tasks too, and they all would be closed.

Less User Notifications by Default

When a user gets created, the instant notifications and weekly digest notifications are kept on by default (and daily digest notification off) by default. Users can change these default settings by going to ‘My Profile’ page.

Starting with release 2.3, the default is that the instant notifications are off. This leaves only the weekly digest notifications on by default, which means that the only emails users will receive by default from Kommbox are task reminders and weekly reports. Of course, as before, the user can override these settings from the ‘My Profile’ page.

Change In the Flow for New User

A new user is now first taken to ‘My Profile’ page first instead of the dashboard. The idea is to give her the chance to set up the profile info and notification settings correctly, instead of hoping that she would explore and do it later.

Other Changes

This release has seen a good number of changes: a few UI changes which are visible and a lot of backend changes that are invisible. Especially, there were major changes to the attachments functionality and batch jobs. There were changes for better security. The database design has been enhanced.

We hope that these changes are welcomed by our users.

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