Kommbox 2.2: One Time Setup Wizard and others

We are looking to welcome the new year with the next release of Kommbox. Happy to release 2.2 today, with the major additions described below.

One Time Setup Wizard

Through research, we found that account administrators need help while setting up Kommbox for the first time. First time is when they are very new to Kommbox, and we figured a step by step view to set it up will be welcome.

Now when one signs up for Kommbox and logs in for the first time, one will be taken to the wizard screens. She will find it easy to use the wizard and kommboxes/ initial users will be set up according to the information provided.

The wizard will be shown as long as there is only one user (administrator only) in the Kommbox account. The presence of other users in the account signifies that Kommbox has been set up, and the wizard will not appear there onwards.

Social Media Profiles

Kommbox will let you set links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and they will be shown on the user page. Other users could come to your page and will be able to navigate to these profile pages.

Linked Email Available to All Users

Linked Email functionality was restricted to be set up by only the account administrators, and it therefore appeared only in the Admin menu. We have now moved it to the User menu to make it available to all the users so that, as long as the account allows setting up Linked Email, the users will be able to set it up themselves without having to rely on their account admin.

Just to refresh, Linked Email lets one set up an email id in such a way that the incoming emails are received in a kommbox, and you can even send outgoing emails from kommbox.

Note that Linked Email is a premium feature.


With this release onwards, Kommbox will not send out the digest emails if there are no updates to report in that period. This is to save on the bandwidth which is unnecessarily wasted on reporting zero progress, mainly to people who signed up but do not use Kommbox. (Note that free accounts inactive for 2 months are liable to be deleted anyways.)

Finally, there are UI changes, performance improvements and bug fixes. The UI changes are mainly around rearrangement of some pages such as the task page. The performance improvements are around the login and the dashboard page.

Update on Jan 6th: Reworked Right Hand Menu

This is such an important update that we decided to upload it as a patch (release 2.2.2) without waiting for the next release cycle.

Basically we have moved things around on the screen. (See the accompanying screenshot and compare the highlighted areas with the other screenshot above.) The right hand menu has been completely re-done to contain the quick links to all your kommboxes, the discussions and the open and closed tasks therein. There are quick links to create them as well (the (+) sign). This brings to the front the most used items and saves clicks.

The user menu that appeared in the same place before has been dismantled and its contents have been moved elsewhere.

  • The ‘Create Discussion’, ‘Create Task’ and ‘List Attachments’ menus have been removed. The links to create discussion and create task are now given as (+) signs below each kommbox name in the right menu. The ‘List Attachment’ is linked from the kommbox page, where it shows the number of attachments within the kommbox.
  • ‘My Profile’ link has moved to the header section, near the user’s name.
  • ‘My Account’ link has moved to the top menu, besides ‘My Tasks’.
  • The last item is ‘Linked email’ which has moved to the ‘My Profile’ page.

The administration menu has been added on the top of the Kommboxes. (It is shown only to the administrators.)


Update on Jan 28th: Further Improvements

We uploaded another build yesterday (2.2.3). It features several important enhancements as follows:

  • Dashboard page to load faster on account of flow optimization and image compressions.
  • Help option removed from the header (the Admin wizard and the side menu enhancements left it redundant).
  • Profile image on the header is now clickable. It takes you to the user’s page.
  • Redirection to correct page in case the session expired and user goes to the login page.
  • Pagination on task list and user list pages
  • Breadcrumb added on list attachments page
  • 16 bugs fixed including due date reminder email enabling


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