Kommbox 2.1: Secret Comments

Kommbox version 2.1 is already live. The major addition in this release is the secret comments.

Secret Comments

Some times, the users assigned to a kommbox want to communicate something within themselves by excluding other users of the same kommbox. The requirement often is to have a comment which is visible only to internal users, and other times users of certain role.

If the access of a particular communication item is granted to a person, then someone who replaces that person in future also definitely must have this access. Otherwise the principle of business continuity will be compromised. For this reason, Kommbox grants this access on a role level instead of person level.

Please see the attached screenshot to get an idea of how the accesses are granted.

Secret comments are attached to a message of a task update in Kommbox. They are visually separated from the rest of the content using the lock icon or background color.

Charts for Custom Period

In 2.0 when the insights were introduced, the charts were always for the last rolling week. We have now added a facility for the charts to be shown for any custom period, based on the start date and the end date.

Report a Problem

We have added ‘Report Problem’ link at the top right corner of the screen. Whenever a kommbox user faces a problem, they can click on it. The page url and the user related information are automatically captured, so it becomes easier for us to understand and diagnose the issue. In addition, the user can enter extra information about what they were trying to do and what’s the exact problem they face. The problem is automatically sent to our support team (at support@kommbox.com).

Security and Bug Fixes

We have now made a provision to have hacking attempts reported to us automatically. This helps us understand malicious intents of users, and protect others’ sensitive data from this user.

Plus, there are numerous bug fixes which have gone into this release.

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