Kommbox 2.0: Analytics + Visuals = Unprecendented Insights into Your Communications

We are very pleased to bring to you Kommbox 2.0. As the release tag indicates, this is a major release and has major changes over what existed before. This article summarizes the major changes over our previous release Kommbox 1.8.x.

Plan Changes

One of the most important changes is coming in the Plans and Pricing. We now allow unlimited number of users in our FREE plan. When you sign up for the account, the user limit is set to 500 which should be more than adequate for most needs. It can be increased further upon request.

For all the existing free accounts, the user limit is raised to 500.

Please check out the Plans and Pricing page for details.

Insights into Your Organization’s Communication

Kommbox 2 presents some meaningful information about your organization’s communications, to answer some questions that were difficult to answer before, such as:

  1. Who is the top contributor in my organization?
  2. Which group (represented by a kommbox) is the busiest?
  3. Which user gets the most updates targeted his way?
  4. Whose work gets appreciated the most?

Answers to the above questions are now coming from the Account Details page.

The User page now has insights into the updates sent / received by the user, the work logged and thanks sent / received.

Lastly, the kommbox page has been completely retrofitted to show you insights into the communication under that kommbox – the nature of updates, the tasks worked on and the users who are contributing.

These insights are currently available for last 7 days. It will be possible to expand this functionality to give the insights over a user-specified date range, depending on how our users want to use it.

Kommbox 2 Account Details screen

User Interface Enhancements

The most visible change is the change in icons. Kommbox 2 has switched to using modern flat icons wherever possible. We ended up debating a lot over the task icon. An easy choice would be the tick mark, but we did not want it because a tick mark signifies just an item in a laundry list, whereas a task is more complex in the sense that it could be partially complete and allows work to be logged by the task assignees. After a good bit of discussion, we finally settled for the bull’s eye symbol. A bull’s eye represents a target to be achieved and so does a task.

Task issues now get more prominence and cannot be missed easily. An issue is now indicated by a flame against a yellow background. Its size changes as per the prominence of the issue.

Further, many UI enhancements were made to pages including the Kommbox page, User page, Account page, Task page, Refer kommbox page, My tasks page, Dashboard page.

Social Share

When your account is created, or when you activate your user id, you will see social media sharing buttons. We hope that our users will use these buttons to tell the world that they would be using an enhanced communication system.


Several defect fixes and other minor enhancements have gone into this release.

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