Agile Isn’t an Excuse for Poor Quality

Agile is not poor qualiity

In a group of friends (all of us in the 20+ years experience range), one of us casually commented that one cannot expect good quality with the use of Agile processes. The argument alluded to how Agile methodologies prescribed cutting on elaborate requirements documentation, and starting to code even before having the complete design in […]

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Why ESNs Fail: 6 Anti-Patterns You Should Avoid

Wrong device

The success of enterprise-wide collaboration which is enabled by Enterprise Social Networks (popularly known as ESNs) is been debated long. There is a bandwagon of promoters of ESNs who talk about intangible and even tangible benefits, and have bullish predictions. On the other hand, many CIOs are not so much excited, and have voted the […]

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On the Slicing and Dicing of Business Communication

There are many tools which specialize in specific areas of business communication. The use of multiple tools –each for a category– would mean slicing and dicing our communication. Is that a good strategy for an organization? Following slides were presented at Communiquer 2013 organized by Capgemini.

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