Hiring Ninja Developers – or Not!

Look at the following excerpt from LinkedIn: What is your current salary? “It is 350,000 INR” What are you expecting?“I have an offer of 800,000 INRI am looking for 1,100,000 INR” He was a full stack developer with 2 yrs experience Sandeep Kochhar on Linkedin, October 2019 The author, Sandeep Kochhar, further narrates that the […]

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Agile Isn’t an Excuse for Poor Quality

Agile is not poor qualiity

In a group of friends (all of us in the 20+ years experience range), one of us casually commented that one cannot expect good quality with the use of Agile processes. The argument alluded to how Agile methodologies prescribed cutting on elaborate requirements documentation, and starting to code even before having the complete design in […]

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Why Drupal 8 is the Right CMS for Your New Website

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the top 3 leading CMSes. Having played with all 3, our recommendation is to use Drupal for any new websites that you need developed. Background Before we jump into the reasons, let us tell us where we are coming from. Acism.com and a few other sites that we created for […]

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IT Leadership

Last decade saw more and more application of Information Technology (IT) in businesses. While the number of completely IT-based businesses are continuously growing, IT has percolated well even in the traditional brick and mortar businesses, whose connection with IT is not obvious. Leadership is about spotting opportunities in this space and making smart use of […]

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Distributed Software Development – The Cummins Experiment

The “Cummins Experiment” on distributed software development yielded results that would be of interest to software companies, IT colleges and the students. The post builds upon our previous post on this subject and captures the gist of the detailed report of the experiment. Experiment Design Acism can design software as an assembly of fine grained […]

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Scalable Software Development – High Quality, Low Cost

Junior programmer

Writing a 10 lines program is child’s play. Writing a 100 lines program is harder. It’s harder than writing 10 programs of 10 lines each. As the scale increases, the coding effort and the demands on programmer’s skill increase exponentially. Someone who can easily write a 100 lines program just may not be equipped to […]

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Why Java is (Still) Very Relevant

The Java coffee is still hot.

Every now and then new articles come up about how some other shiny language does the job better than Java. It is possible for one to be blinded by them and discard Java as a yesteryear’s technology. This article shows why Java is still highly relevant and a strong candidate for developing new enterprise applications […]

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Why Outsource to India – 4 Key Learnings from #MissionMars

Mars orbitor (Mangalyan)

Today is a day of pride for all Indians, as India’s Mangalyaan successfully entered the Mars orbit (media coverage). Parallels can be drawn between India’s success in the Mission Mars and its success as a software outsourcing destination. Here are the 4 key learnings from the mission that also tell why outsource to India: We […]

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Cheap is Expensive, Expensive is Expensive as well!

If you are planning to outsource a software project, you have a lot of choices of software vendors. Costing-wise, you may be surprised with how varied the bids that you receive are. Here are some pointers to keep in mind about the cheapest to the most expensive bids: The Lowest Cost Option With the economies […]

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