Cheap is Expensive, Expensive is Expensive as well!

If you are planning to outsource a software project, you have a lot of choices of software vendors. Costing-wise, you may be surprised with how varied the bids that you receive are. Here are some pointers to keep in mind about the cheapest to the most expensive bids: The Lowest Cost Option With the economies […]

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How Many Browsers Should Your Site Support?

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are the top 3 browsers by usage, according to W3Schools. (BTW, Another great resource to check browser popularity by country is statcounter.) By default, Acism tries to make a site (or a web application) work for the most widely used versions, so that most users in the world will be […]

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For Startups Looking for Technical Co-Founders

On almost every public discussion board concerned with technology, one sees these posts from startups who are looking for technology partners. Why do they do that? Is it because they want their product to be built and do not have the adequate capital to get it developed? My understanding is that most of the times […]

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