The Java technology stack makes sense to most projects because of its inbuilt scalability, platform independence, type safety, a vast number of frameworks to choose from and the largest developer pool. For this reason, most of the work that we do is done with the Java technologies. However, we are open to other languages and technologies as well.

We are becoming increasingly interested in the typesafe stack featuring Scala. Scala is a type-safe language on the Java stack, is better suited to take advantage of multi-processors and has more safety nets to catch programming errors. We are working on evolving a sustainable model for Scala projects.

Given below is an indicative list of technologies that we have used:

Heading Technologies / Frameworks
 Java  JDK 1.1 – 1.8, JFC/ Swing, ant, maven, EJB2 and EJB3, Reporting using Jasper Reports, Java Image manipulation, Code generation in frameworks
Other languages PHP, Scala
Web technologies (server side) JSP / Servlets, Struts, Spring MVC, Play framework (Java), Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, Jetty, Apache / nginx integration
Web technologies (client side) HTML/Javascript, JQuery, Ext/JS, HTML5, CSS4, Flash video player, Twitter bootstrap, Node.js, Responsive design
Database MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle, HSQL through Hibernate / JPA, Mongo DB through native API and through MongoJack
Mobile Android
Collaboration REST/Javascript API through JAX-RS and through Play using Jackson mapper, Web Services through JAX-WS and through EJB3, Dropbox and Google API integrations, oAuth, JavaMail, SMS integration
Tooling PMD and Eclipse for static code analysis, Continuous integration using Jenkins / CruiseControl
Testing Bugzilla, JIRA, Automation through Selenium IDE and Selenium webdriver, JUnit, TestNG, Load testing through Apache JMeter

Many times, an engagement is started from scratch, with no legacy code around. In such cases, we advise the customer choose the right technology for the engagement. Going with the right architecture, right technology, right tools, right framework and the right design go a long way in defining the project’s long term success.