Account Analytics and Task Start Date In Release 1.8

We are happy to present the next release of Kommbox – release 1.8.1. This release builds on the previous releases and has the following additional functionality. The new release is pushed to and is automatically available to the existing users.

Account Analytics

Account Analytics on Account Details page (click to enlarge)3 pie charts now add to the usefulness and beauty of the Account Details page. They are:

  1. Tasks breakdown (new vs in progress vs completed)
  2. Disk usage (in file system vs database)
  3. Kommbox statistics (open vs closed, internally shared vs external)

They show visually how your organization is using Kommbox.

Similarly, on Edit Account page, the count of task, discussion and kommboxes are added.

Task Start Date

Task always had a task creation date and a task completion date. Now we have added a task start date as well, which could be different from (later than) the task creation date.

Bug Fixes

44 bugs were fixed for this release.

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