About Us


Information Technology (IT) has enormous potential to transform existing businesses and support new models of business. Acism’s mission is to help customers realize this potential, as their trusted IT partners.


To complete 100 projects successfully by 2020 and establish ourselves as the most trustworthy IT partner in the minds of our customers.


We work to create value for our customers. We understand that beyond development, a software needs to be maintainable / enhanceable over a long period. We therefore tend to follow best practices for quality and robustness, as opposed to doing a quick-and-dirty job. Some of our customers have had bad prior experiences; but we have taken their projects to a successful go-live.

Our projects benefit from open source tools, technologies and agile processes. We keep investing our time in exploring them. The former help us in creating quality software project development at a good speed, and the later help us move quickly and demonstrably with minimal process overheads.

Our customers are always well-informed and at the driving wheel. We ensure this through two things: one of them is the short release cycles that are hallmark of agile development, and the other is communication. The communication angle is so important to projects that we ended up creating a tool –Kommbox– for maintaining the communications centrally.


Acism has a motivated team comprising of programmers, web developers, quality engineers and a project assistant. The leadership team comprises of:

  • Ashish Belagali: Acism is led by Ashish Belagali, an IIT graduate with 20 years of IT experience. Ashish is known as a turnaround specialist, having turned around a few projects from red to green. Ashish has travelled to US on multiple occasions and has successfully worked on offshore software development projects from both sides.
  • Surekha Belagali: Handles the non-technical aspects such as HR, Admin, Accounting and Billing. Surekha is an electronics engineer from Walchand college.

  • Chandrashekhar: PMP certified, Six Sigma, ITIL trained techno managerial professional with experience of over 14 years in enterprise application architecture development and testing across domains such as BFSI, Telecom, E- Commerce, Content Management.